NOVIO BOX II K714 MIAMI with headrest

Retro diner booth with higher backrest for better comfort and privacy in a restaurant.



Diner booth with a vintage design, small corner booth with headrest in the picture. Nowadays, it is used in retro or modern restaurants, fast- food places, coffee bars and households.

Booths can be used as single units or as a modular seating.  We offer middle parts for one, two and more people; corner parts; ¼ circle units and customer made sized. You can combine those parts and create seating in a shape of I, L, T or U.

Diner booth with headrest has higher backrest for more comfort. Such higher backs create more private space between booth seating.

NOVIO BOX II K714 MIAMI has few vertical channels on the backrest. It is usually made of two colors. K714 has decorative side board and top board upholstered in the same material as the booth. We offer also booth with headrest.

We have a wide offer of materials and colors. Click here to view some of them. You can chose from both mat and shiny finishes. We offer materials that remind of those used in the 1950’s.


Additional information

Single booth

Single booth NOVIO BOX 2 K714-S
1110 x 1120 /or custom/ x 590

Double booth

Double booth NOVIO BOX 2 K714-S
1110 x 1120 /or custom/ x 1130

Corner booth

Corner booth NOVIO BOX 2 K714-R
1110 x 750 x 750 /or custom/

1/4 circle booth

1/4 circle booth NOVIO BOX 2 K714-1/4
1110 x 1120 x 1120


All sizes are in mm.